The RENTMART Customer Care Program offers these exciting benefits!


One-Year Paid Off Product Protection

Protection is provided for one year after item is paid off against product failure and mechanical breakdown of the merchandise not caused by external conditions.


On-Rent Protection Benefit

This benefit will allow members to receive a replacement item at the same rental rate, should they suffer a covered loss of rental merchandise.


 Unemployment Benefit

In the event of unemployment, a customer’s monthly rental payment(s) will be covered by club (including applicable sales tax and other covered fees) for up to four (4) months until reaching maximum benefit of $1,000 on all rental agreements combined, or when customer is able to return to work, whichever occurs first.


Lease Cancellation Benefit

This benefit will allow the liability on the rental agreement to be forgiven if the first, or second person listed on the rental agreement dies if under the age of 70 while on rent.


Accidental Damage Forgiveness Waiver

Members are eligible to receive a waiver in the cost of a portion of the product repair or replacement due to accidental damage to rented products.


Groceries • Utilities • Gasoline

Club members are eligible to receive up to $200 per year in rebates for purchases on groceries, utilities, and gasoline.


$5,000 No-Cost Insurance

Club Members can now claim $5,000 of no-cost insurance coverage which includes Life, Accidental Medical, and AD&D Insurance with Avibra.


$5 per Month Telemedicine Program for Entire Household

Members are eligible for Telemedicine Benefit at a discounted rate of $5.00 per month. One program includes everyone in the member’s household!


Pharmacy Savings Coupon

Members are entitled to prescription savings from 15% to 60% off the retail price of generic drugs and from 15% to 25% off the retail price of brand-name drugs at over 62,000 participating pharmacies nationwide.


Child Fingerprint ID Kit


 Travel Discounts

Members can book discounted travel anywhere around the world and receive discounts on other related products and services.


 Rental Car Discounts

PTS Direct Benefits offers discounts with Enterprise, National, Hertz, and
Budget Rental Car.


 15% 1-800-FLOWERS Discount

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