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White Upright Freezer by Midea (14 Cu Ft)
White Upright Freezer by Midea (14 Cu Ft)
White Upright Freezer by Midea (14 Cu Ft)
Retail $1,149 | SmartLease $26.99/week

Amount paid is considered a deposit. Additional payment may be required to better accommodate your renewal payment preferences. Customer Care Program is optional and may be replaced with Liability Damage Waiver at 10% of lease payment. When choosing to Pay Store Later, initial payment is due on or before delivery. Any promotional discounts defer portion of lease period not covered by amount paid to the end of the term of the lease. All items are subject to availability. Stock items may not be immediately available in all stores. ETA is an estimate and may vary depending on the brand and model. Terms, rates, or both are reduced for previously leased items based on condition. All prices are subject to change without notification. Promotional pricing as incentives or limited time opportunities may be offered for certain items during promotional time periods. Due to the time sensitive and promotional nature of these events, price protection, retroactive discounts, nor refunds for previous purchases in the event of a price reduction or promotional offering are not able to be offered. Pricing errors will not be honored, and will be corrected when found without notification. Product images are not always true to scale when compared with other product images, and in some instances may not be the exact model listed or available.

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